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Dr. Gagan Gautam has been recognized at numerous forums for his contribution in the development of uro oncology and robotic surgery in the country. Here are some of his recent accomplishments:
- Urology Gold Medal - All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
- CKP Menon Award - Urological Society of India
- Chandigarh Prize - Urological Society of India
- Agra Urology Award - North Zone Chapter of the Urological Society of India (awarded thrice)
- Best Reviewer Award - Indian Journal of Urology, official journal of the Urological Society of India


Dr. Gautam has contributed extensively to the academic development of the field of robotic surgery and uro oncology and has over 75 scientific publications to his credit. In recognition, he has been appointed a peer reviewer for a number of leading urological scientific journals such as the Journal of Urology (official publication of the American Urological Association), the Journal of Endourology (Endourological Society), the International Journal of Urology (Japanese Urological Association and Urological Association of Asia) and the Indian Journal of Urology (Urological Society of India). In addition, he has also served as a member of the editorial board of the Indian Journal of Urology - the only indexed and recognised publication in this field from India. He is an active member of prominent medical fraternities such as the American Urological Association and the Urological Society of India, which are dedicated to the promotion and expansion of latest scientific knowledge in this discipline.